Copenhagen 2018

Cool Copenhagen’s Heating Start-up Scene

Until a couple of years ago the start-up scene in Denmark was very dispersed. Danish start-up companies had to relocate themselves outside of Denmark in order to succeed. This included Just Eat , which is now based in London and Zendesk, which became a global customer service software company headquartered in California.

Within the past couple of years Copenhagen’s start-up scene has become more consolidated with the availability of co-working spaces such as Rocket Labs and Founders House, as well as #CPHFTW, a non-profit organisation promoting and bringing together the city’s tech start-ups and start-up grassroots movement. Overall in the last 2 years, the Danish start-up scene, which has a focus on business-to-business enterprise has been attracting the attention of investors. By 2015, investments into Danish and Copenhagen-based start-ups were estimated to be worth €216.9M – 65 investments in total, up from 38 investments in 2014. By mid-2016, the total investment on Danish start-ups has surpassed that of 2015 and momentum is expected to continue throughout 2017.

Danish Success Stories

Denmark has been racking-up tech success stories (& exits),  especially in the software space, inspiring local entrepreneurs. These include previously mentioned Zendesk and Just Eat, Success Factors, Sitecore, Trustpilot, Podio, Endomondo and many others.