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VROOM Spotlight

We provide this service to businesses raising either Series A, B or C investment rounds. Half day pitch event to a Monaco-based investor audience of Family Offices, High Net Worth Individuals and Institutional investors.

We will manage the capital raising process, including: building the investor book, managing the investor process, liaising with investors and terms sheet negotiations

  • Monaco
  • Luxembourg


Monaco, a sovereign city-state on the French Riviera, is known as a “Billionaires’ Playground.” The tiny city-state is famous for its lavish wealth, casinos, and glamorous events such as the Monaco Yacht Show and the Monaco Grand Prix.

Monaco is home to 12,261 millionaires in less than one square mile. Business Insider has compared the number of millionaires to the number of residents and calculated that more than 32% of the population are millionaires.


Luxembourg City, the capital of one of Europe’s smallest countries, has a highly diverse, multilingual and well-educated population. Frankfurt, Paris and Brussels are only a few hours’ drive away, and London, Amsterdam, Milan and Barcelona can be reached in just over an hour by plane.

Not only does Luxembourg open up myriad possibilities for entrepreneurs to develop their businesses but it also offers integrated and tailor-made services to entrepreneurs with innovative projects across all industries.

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