VROOM is an annual, invitation-only, fund raising event that unites pre-selected tech companies from across Europe with extraordinary potential, tech executives, and investors. One of the speakers at of VROOM Summit  is Daniel Haudenschild.

Daniel has over 20 years of proven systems enabled transformation delivery in banking and financial services from his work as a Partner of a big 4 advisory firm.  He has worked in Blockchain since 2014 and assists organizations and entrepreneurs to realize the business potential of blockchain into practical deployment of applications.

His experience has given him excellent understanding of the opportunities and pitfalls offered by deploying new technology applications, allowing him to help companies navigate FinTech investments successfully.  In his role as CEO of Swisscom Blockchain AG he runs the blockchain services of one of the most trusted brands in Switzerland adding industrial strength blockchain infrastructure services to the Crypto Valley and beyond.


For more information contact: arina@vroomsummit.com