VROOM is an annual invitation-only fundraising event that unites pre-selected European tech companies with extraordinary potential, tech executives, and investors.

We are pleased to announce one of our major partners: BlueBoard

BlueBoard is an e-commerce monitoring dashboard that keeps track of products across all online retailers. Most brands and manufacturers lose touch with their products after they have been shipped to distributors and retailers. Oftentimes, they have to manually look up their own products to find out which e-commerce merchants have assorted them, what the stock levels and prices are, if new reviews have been posted, etc.

BlueBoard automates the search for and frequently updates their key information. Sales and marketing teams have access to an online dashboard which allows them to instantly visualize the state of their distribution and identify issues. They can set up email notifications to closely watch distribution events.

For more information, please contact dalila@vroomsummit.com