Zurich- March 29

Big on Innovation

Switzerland has a rich history of tech innovation – the birthplace of the World Wide Web, the first mass-market computer mouse, and the world’s largest particle collider. Thanks to innovative institutions like the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and generous government funding programs like the National Science Foundation that lets students and established academics alike apply for funding for research project, the country recently led the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index for the eighth year in a row, including in the innovation category.

Switzerland has a large talent pool of scientists and engineers and an economic environment that emphasizes collaboration between universities and corporations making it a great environment for start-ups to thrive and prosper.

Zurich’s blend of Livability, Finance & Innovation

Zurich is not only Switzerland’s largest city but also one of its most livable – often ranking in the top three of the Mercer report for most livable cities. ETH Zurich is the highest ranked technical university in continental Europe having a strong spin-off tradition which puts Zurich in the center of innovation ecosystem. Google has its largest engineering office outside of Mountain View, the campus of IBM Research Zurich is home to two Nobel prizes and a host of bitcoin and block chain startups are headquartered in what has been dubbed “CryptoValley”, potentially on the cusp of reshaping the financial system as we presently know it.

The mix of livability, finance and innovation positions Zurich for entrepreneurial success.