Create, Test, Try Again

No doubt that Portugal is a country replete with talent and diversity. The significant public investments made in the past in areas like education, infrastructures and technology set the tone for those wanting to start or invest in a new business in Portugal.

Portugal has one of the most vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystems in Europe making it a perfect destination to create, test, fail fast and try again.

Global Community Is Taking Notice

It’s been called the best technology event in the planet, Web Summit, arrived to Lisbon in 2016 and will make it its home for at least the next 3 years. The 2017 Web Summit which ran in November is one of the biggest must-attend tech events of the year gathering about 60,000 techies with over 1,200 invited speakers. International start-up accelerator Startupbootcamp and other organisations are gearing for a big push into Lisbon. ImpactHUB is already in Lisbon, and London-based Second Home  launched in Lisbon in winter 2016.

Start-up Hubs

With start-up hubs in four key cities: Braga, Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon and being home to legions of talented developers, engineers and software product managers; Portugal is becoming a key destination in the European start-up ecosystem. So far these hubs have produced notable start-ups like FarFetch and Talkdesk but also the likes of Chic By ChoiceFeedzaiVeniam and Muzzley, who all have scaled-up and established offices in other countries. It is becoming evident that Portugal is absolutely buzzing with tech start up activity – and the funding and exits will surely follow suit in the coming years.