A History of Entrepreneurialism

Italy no doubt has a history of entrepreneurialism with likes of Michele Ferrero, who created Nutella, Giorgio Armani, or more recently Federico Marchetti of Yoox Net-a-Porter, or Nerio Alessandri of Technogym. Its temperate climate, good food and affluence of artistic treasures makes Italy a pleasant place to live.

The main drawbacks are still taxation and bureaucracy but these are offset by involvement of the corporations in the public sector, abundance of talents, researchers and working spaces.

Milan – Italy’s Biggest Start-up

Italy’s  startup scene geography differs from most countries. While startups are often bunched around big cities like those in San Francisco to London, in Italy it is more spread out. This is a reflection of the country’s postwar manufacturing clusters, resulting in startups gathering in the main cities. Turin, Bologna, Naples and Rome all are startup hubs. However, Milan appears to be the largest start-up hub. The city has become a destination for startups partly because of the momentum and increase in vitality following the city’s hosting of the World Fair Expo in 2015.

A lot of big corporations also have offices in Milan like Microsoft, IBM, Google, Deloitte, Adecco and Gartner making Milan a great place to meet potential clients, investors or fellow start-ups.