A recognized start-up hub in Europe

Germany has long been acknowledged as a start-up hub all over the world. With its new  business models, good funding and infrastructure, many international start-up entrepreneurs find that general conditions for start-ups are indeed excellent in Germany. This is evident in the fact that almost 10% of start-up founders and 22% of their employees come from abroad. In addition to start-ups for financial and insurance services, latest trends include new companies focusing on real estate (PropTech), green technologies (GreenTech), automotive and nutrition.

The thriving numerous accelerators and incubators in Germany are often part of the programs financed by major corporations aiming to help start-ups in their early stages. This is a clear indication of how classic industry is increasingly looking to join forces with start-ups in the digital economy.

Munich – a hub for Mobility, InsureTech, BioTech & IoT

Munich-based companies benefit from good infrastructure, proximity to an international airport and access to graduates from top universities such as the Technical University of Munich and Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich. Although living costs are above average by German standards, this does not prevent Munich from being a hub for start-ups in the mobility, InsureTech, BioTech & IoT spaces. There are a number of start-ups to watch that are Munich-based, among these are Tado which specializes in smart thermostats and cooling products, Riskmethods which offers a cloud-based system to monitor risk in a business’s supply chain and act as an early warning system for managers and FlixBus, an eco-friendly bus operator with a focus on the youth market, describing itself as a combination of tech-startup, e-commerce-platform and transportation company.